“Every business is based on relationships and a lawyer’s job is to define the relationships clearly. An attorney who understands your business is essential.”

-Keith E. Cooper, Esq.

KEC-Web-Photo-240The law office of Keith E. Cooper, Esq. is a transactional law practice in Los Angeles offering services in contractual and business matters at predictable costs for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Mr. Cooper uses his business skill, negotiating expertise, and legal knowledge to help each client achieve optimal results.

This “concierge legal” practice provides a desirable alternative to large law firms where only major brands can truly find a home.  Its virtual law firm model takes advantage of telephone consultations and technology to eliminate the high overhead of office space and full-time support staff. This results in greater efficiency and lower costs for clients. If a client requests, however, Mr. Cooper is available for in-person meetings at the client’s office, residence, or a mutually-convenient location.

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